Things to do in Swakopmund


Things to do in Swakopmund


So much to do

Besides the usual beachgoing activities, Swakopmund offers many exciting things to do. Our reception can assist you with your reservations.

The Namibia App is another tool at your disposal to make direct contact and bookings.


Tandem skydiving jumps are a big hit in our coastal town. The planes take off from Swakopmund airport with two separate skydiving clubs offering their services.


Offered just off the dunes across from Langstrand.

Camel Rides

Camel rides into the dunes of the Namib desert are a favourite amongst tourists.

Quad Bike Tours

Take a guided quad bike excursion into the dunes. Due to the sensitive nature of our fauna and flora, quadbikers have to stick to given routes and have to be guided.

Fat Bike Tours

For a gentler approach to exploring the desert, take a fat bike which is fun and also good for you.

Boat Tours

early morning cruises from the Walvis Bay waterfront are on offer by many different operators. You can expect to see sunfish, dolphins, wales, seals and lots of pelicans and seagulls.

Desert Excusions

Explore the living desert or visit Sandwich Harbour for a 4x4 experience of a lifetime!

Kayaking with Seals

Visit Pelican Point with its 1000’s of seals. You will have a lot of fun and interaction with the seals.

City & Township Tour

If local ways interest you, take a city and township tour to see, hear and taste all of our local history and traditions.

Scenic Flights

Helicopter, balloon and plane rides give you a bird’s eye view of our beautiful town and you will experience sights like you have never seen before.


An ideal way to spend your day is to take your 4x4 directly onto the beach and cast a line into the ocean to catch some kabeljou, steenbras or catfish.


Crayfishing is another great way to spend a good day on the beach. Take note that permits are required for all fishing activities.